You've just taken the most important step in resolving your conflict - a decision to look for possible mediation options. Dispute resolution is less expensive, less stressful, and often more effective when settled out of court. Best of all, it is completely risk free, which is never a guarantee in courts, even if you are sure you have a strong case.



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Nothing to lose other than your problem!
Think about it, what have you got to lose, other than the problem that you already have? Mediation cannot worsen the situation and, at the very least, will save everyone time and money by better preparing you for court. Moreover, you may achieve an even better result than you hoped for or could obtain through the courts. An added benefit of mediation is that relationships are often improved, if not restored.

About Me
My name is V l a d   M a y z e l . I enjoy helping people. People are naturally drawn to me for fair, logical and impartial guidance. Initially I helped friends and relatives but eventually people I did not know started to contact me and I decided to mediate for them too. I now consider this a social involvement project.

My method is based on determining the root causes of the problems. I use my naturally analytical mind to assist in identifying separate issues and tackle them one at a time. This is a case when "divide and conquer" is a good thing. Often, what seems one big problem is in reality many smaller problems tangled together or mounted one on top of the other. All problems created by people, can be solved by people.

I have a degree in Computer Science combined with a naturally logical mind which analyzes everything, including social relations, human behavior and conflict resolution. I completed post-graduate Mediation courses as well as Business Law, Project Management and others. I run a successful small business with multiple divisions in different industries and during each year I do consulting for hundreds of people and businesses often on subjects well beyond computers.

Contact Me
The best way to reach me is to use the form on the top right side of this page. Alternatively you are welcome to call my business at
6 0 4 - G E T - H E L P    ( 6 0 4 - 4 3 8 - 4 3 5 7 )
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